Jam & Spoon

Jam El Mar is producer and musician for electronic dance music. Since the birth of techno in the early 90's, he and his musical partner influenced and helped shape this genre of music, especially the "Frankfurt Sound". His projects, "Jam&Spoon", "Dance 2 Trance", "BG - The Prince of Rap" and the techno bands "Storm" and "Tokyo Ghetto Pussy" were successful acts world-wide and rocked the clubscene around the globe. "This Beat is Hot", a song by the Afro-American rapper "BG-The Prince of Rap", entered the American "Hot 100" charts, a feat quite unusual for a European production. The single release of "Right in The Night" (Jam&Spoon) or "Power of American Natives" (Dance 2 Trance) sold millions on an international level and achieved gold and platinum status in many countries.
Many DJ's still consider the remix of "Age Of Love" an icon from the 90's, as well as the track "Stella", which was released in Belgium in 1991. When the French DJ "Laurent Garnier" added the track "Follow Me" to his set, it manifested itself as a rave- benchmark for the sounds of the techno era. Many of the tracks Jam El Mar produced are still found in the record archives of todays current DJs. "We Came in Peace", a track from the techno duo "Dance 2 Trance" is regarded as the ultimate Goa-Trance-Hit up to this date and in the early 90's, it was the soundtrack for the sunrise after dancing through the night at the famous beach parties. When on tour with the Irish band U2, English DJ "Paul Oakenfold" played "The Power of American Natives" in the international arenas as an opening and crowd mover. Together with his partner, Mark Spoon, who died in 2006, they were sought-after remixers as well. Groups such as "Frankie Goes To Hollywood", "Pet Shop Boys", "Queen", "Mike Oldfield" or "Giorgio Moroder", "Yello", "Quincy Jones", the pyro-rockers "Rammstein" and "Marilyn Manson" had their songs remixed and refined with the "Jam & Spoon-Sound" accent and the club compatible dance beats. Jam El Mar is active as a live musician and DJ since the invitation to "Nature One" in 2011. Apart from his live sets, his style has evolved from trance and the original "Jam&Spoon" sound to techno and tech house. In addition to his current tracks, Jam blends classics from the 90's as remixes or edits, into his sets. 2015 he played fantastic sets at Tomorrowland, Age of Love, Mayday and many other festivals ? currently he is working on new tracks which will be released in 2016...