Jens Lissat

For over 20 years now, Jens Lissat is one of the biggest names in the club scene. Insiders gave him the nickname "Godfather Of Techno".
His extraordinary carrer startet in Hamburg when the early days of disco music began (1979). He started collecting records and learned mixing by himself. He played in all the hip locations at that time.
1987 he released his first record which similar was the" first "german House record as well. The track was called "Work The House Sound". In 1990 he created one of the biggest selling techno anthems ever "Who Is Elvis" with his partner Ramon Zenker.
At the same time they launched their own label "No Respect Records". From now on he played on raves and in clubs around the whole world, just to mention a few: Mayday, Loveparade, Tribal Gathering, Nature One etc. . During the years his successful story continued with tracks like: "der Erdbeermund", "Offshore - I can..t take the power", "Interactive - Dildo, Who is Elvis, Amok, Forever Young...".
After all he released more than 500 productions so far. His current sound is a electronic styled Housemusic. He is still a workaholic with his studio-partner Voltaxx.