Mike MH-4

Mike MH-4 was born in the north of Germany, in Lübeck. He is already for more than 25 years in DJ-business! He is one of the Top-Entertainer in Northern Germany for dance music like Techno, Trance and House. In addition to that he had a residency in many Nothern Germany Top-Clubs. A large number of his gigs in Germany working with all national and international DJs at the “Loveparade”, “Alpha” (1997-2012), “Vision Parade”, “Goliath” (1999-2005) and many more.
He had performances in foreign countries i.e. in Spain, Argentina, Poland, Austria and Switzerland.
Furthermore he was the founder of the biggest festival-event in Northern Germany, called “Pioneer Alpha Festival and Goliath” and Mike MH-4 is the owner of the city-magazin “Piste”, which has a print run of 108.000 exemplars in Hamburg, Lübeck, Bremen, Hannover, Schwerin and new in Ibiza. In the year 2007 he opened an own school for DJs.
Today he works also for an event-agency which includes press relations and bookings.