Miss Djax

Miss Djax is the alias of Saskia Slegers. Not only an excellent deejay, but also the founder of Djax Records in 1989.
Djax must undoubtedly be considered as one of the most important dance labels in the world. At the back of the book '1989 - 1999 Djax Records The Power of the Underground' James Hymann, (MTV Europe) calls it 'one of the decade's crucial labels' and further 'one of the world's most talked about labels'.

The year 1992 can be looked at as the starting point of the Djax succes story: Saskia visited Chicago and Detroit where she met many talented techno producers. With Djax-Up-Beats she created an European outlet for producers like DJ Rush, Mike Dearborn, Claude Young and Paul Johnson. Music was not the only thing Saskia picked up in Detroit; draftsman Alan Oldham is responsible for Djax’s unique character with his very special drawing skills.
The year 1991 had surprises too, as Saskia signed the Dutch hardcore hiphop act Osdorp Posse and with this signing she launched a complete new movement: Nederhop.

Miss Djax had her international breakthrough when she played at the notorious Mayday rave in Berlin in 1992. With her hard and uncompromising techno set she made great impression on the many promoters present and she played the mainstage at all big international parties from that day on.
In 1993 Miss Djax was declared ‘DJ of the Year’ by Frontline (nowadays Raveline) Magazine. In the years that followed her name was always in the international top 10.

For four years in a row, 1995 till 1998, the Djax Records truck took part in the Love Parade float with 1998 being the absolute highpoint when the 20 meters long red/silver Djax rocket, with 20.000 watt of techno terror on board, started at pole position! Miss Djax also played two times at the Victory Tower at Love Parade.

In 1999 Saskia celebrated the 10-year anniversary of Djax Records by publishing her amazing book ‘The Power of the Underground’. This was also the year that Saskia recieved ‘De Veer’ award for her remarkable and wilful contributions to the Dutch music industry.

In 2005, after the hectic years, she finally found time to dive into the studio to record her first real artist album. The result was the album RAW. On this album Miss Djax worked with DJ Rush. He too, cherishes is own unique style.

In 2008 Miss Djax got an invitation to take place in the jury of the infamous TV show The X Factor but decided that a TV career was not (yet) her ambition. She teamed up with Human Resource and this resulted in the massive floorfillers ‘Still Dominating’ and ‘Don’t touch that Stereo’ with veteran Marshall Masters. The singles 'Hell's Bells' and 'Headbangin' became Record of The Month in Raveline Magazine and the album 'Inferno' got super reviews all over. The artwork of these releases was made by Ed Repka who is well known for his amazing artwork for the Megadeth albums.
Further Miss Djax mixed and released the album Kick Down Volume 1.

In 2009 Miss Djax celebrated the 20th anniversary of Djax Records by releasing the DVD ‘Underground Nation’. 90 minutes of exclusive footage and a true testimony to club culture! The Osdorp Posse got a Gold Award for 40.000 sales of their album ‘Afslag Osdorp’ and Miss Djax recieved a Gold Award for 1.3 million records sold in 20 years of Djax Records.

In 2010 she re-launched the successful Djax it Up parties and started hosting area’s at various festivals. In the meantime she kept on producing high quality hardtechno and acidtechno such as the floorfiller ‘Acid Storm’ and in 2012 she released the album ‘Techno Crusaders’ together with Canadian DJ Patrick DSP. This techno album include the roots of Miss Djax and Patrick and got great reviews.
Anno 2013 Miss Djax is still spinning the decks all over the globe. Next year she will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Djax Records!