No Respect Soundsystem

No Respect Soundsystem - Jens Lissat & Ramon Zenker (DJ-Live-Show)

After Jens & Ramon in 1990 released their first Techno-Productions with INTERACTIVE, they decided in 1991 to launch their own label: No Respect Records. It was one of the first Techno-Labels from Germany with releases by Phenomenia, DJ Hooligan, Mega ┬┤lo Mania, Obsessive or the Jens Lissat solo releases. All of them were big tunes in the world of the new techno generation. Now, after 20 years, they teamed up again and launched a unique project, called the "No Respect Soundsystem". The show will combine the famous No Respect-Sound with other Techno-Hits plus special Live-Sessions with a Drumcomputer and a TB 303.