Raver's Nature

Raver´s Nature consisted of Markus „Roy“ Ströbel, Peter Luft (aka Pedro Ferrari) and Ralf Lindner (aka John Bogota). The idea for the project came in 1989, at the time of the Acid-Wave. Roy and Pedro started in 1990 with djing. In a club they met their later partner Ralf.
At the end of 1991, the first Release appearad under the name „Spirit of Tekknology“ which was played by DJ Tanith at Mayday for the first time.
Raver´s Nature has been known primarily through the tracks „Take Off!“ and „Stop Scratchin’“, which found their way into the maintream, including on the music channel VIVA – and because of their gig at Mayday.
Their debut album „La Monza“ appeared in 1995.

For a long time it was very quiet around the guys.
The „New Raver´s Nature“ are since 2012 in a new foramtion in clubs and on festivals on the way. From the initial cast only Peter is left. Markus works in various projects on his own label.

Peter celebrates his debut single in 2005 at Toxic-Records. His production and DJ partner Carsten Reiss (aka Ray Burton) is also the acurrent stage partner.

Together they rocked on Mayday 2011, Nature One 2012 and on Mayday 2012 in Poland.
As a DJ Team they regularly bring the clubs with their fantastic revival sets to the quake.