Voodoo & Serano

Voodoo & Serano have established themselves solidly amongst the elite and have become Hit Record Producers to boot. Back in the days.

Their first joint production under the name VooDoo & Serano became an instant major success. "Blood is Pumping" stayed in the Pop Charts for many weeks in Germany and managed a #19 position in the UK as well. Their follow-up Single "Slide To The Vibe/ This Is Acid" followed suit by not only becoming a major Club success but also climbing up the Pop Charts in a number of countries. VooDoo & Serano clearly have established themselves as a Hit Duo.

For the last years Voodoo focused more on the business side of the record industry, while he has been perfecting his production skills with many successful Hit records to his credit as a producer as well as an A&R manager, while as a General Manager Tommy Serano is busy running several Big Room clubs in Bavaria.

In 2015 we can expect new material that indicates a move away from pure commercial Dance back to a more clubby direction. Their last re-release of their favourite track "You Get What You Give", the brilliantly uplifting song from the New Radicals was released on Apart12 on the 09.01.2015.