Jens Mahlstedt

JENS MAHLSTEDT is a DJ, music producer and composer. He has played every half decent techno and house club in Europe as well as every Love Parade in the Nineties, Nation 2 Nation, E- Werk (Berlin), Energy Rave (Zurich), Mayday etc. Residencies at Beehive (Berlin), Opera House (Hamburg), Maxx and T-Dance (Bremen) have put him on the DJ map! He writes scores for theatre and film as well as soundtracks for experimental fashion shows, t!eaching the latter at Hochschule Hannover, Faculty of Media, Information and Design.

In 1987 Mahlstedt starts DJing at West Berlin club Beehive. His style: Rare Groove, Funk, Hip Hop – and Chicago House which just starts crossing over to Europe. The owners of Beehive take Mahlstedt to Hamburg where he plays at Shag/Caesars Palace, the very first House club on the notorious Reeperbahn in 1988. He becomes resident of the legendary Opera House on Große Freiheit where he spins for many years. From 1989 to 94 he adds another residency at the Maxx/ B!remen, and from 1993 he organizes the T-Dance together with Steve Bug at Modernes/Bremen.

At Love Parade 1992 Gerret Frerichs (of Humate fame) offers his production skills to Jens – with some considerable success. The remixes of „LOOPS & TINGS“ (1993) become one key release in German Techno history. Since then, „LOOPS & TINGS“ has been remixed more than 70 times by various artists and keeps being caned around the globe. „LOOPS & TINGS RELOOPED“ hits the No. 1 spot in Germanys ODC for several weeks in Spring 2004. Markus Schulz and Ferry Corsten are currently going off with their version of the classic.
Jens Mahlstedt works as a radio presenter for the SFB and Radio 4U/Berlin and as an editor for magazines like Network Press, Cut and Boom throughout the early Nineties. In 1994/95 he mixes the first five Bonus CDs of the popular Trance Nation series. Remixes for Lazonby, Eskimos + Egypt, Yello or Tokyo Ghetto Pussy, Josh Winks Size 9 and Team Deep or Casseopaya are added to his production list.
In 1995 Jens moves to London, after years in Berlin, Bremen and Hamburg. In his first own studio right behind Victoria Station he works on club music and on his soundtracks. And a mix compilation entitled MIND CONTROL Vol.1 on Push Communications, now a sought after classic, impressively shows his wide spectrum of styles in 1997! In 1998 Mahlstedt releases his debut album „MONKEY ISLAND“ on Superstition Records. Two s!ingles, „SCHWUPP“ and „GONG SHOW“ are taken from the album.

Jens teams up with Techno brother-in-mind Steve Mason (of BFBS fame) as 2 Bald Men in 1999. They release on Steves London based label Experience 2000. The two baldies morph into Sly Fidelity & Clubfoot in 2002. They release a series of breakbeat tracks on various english labels such as Rennie Pilgrems 10 Kilo. The tracks go down well with the breakbeat massive on the island being spun from Londons East End to the southern shores of Brighton. Jens works with Andre Winter in 2007 and Sean Patrick since 2012 and contributes to the soundtrack of UNRELATED (winner of FIPRESCI prize at London Film Festival 2007), a psycho drama by London based director Joanna Hogg, now available on DVD. Mahlstedt now teaches music for experimental fashion fashion shows at Hochschule Hannover, Faculty of Media, Design and Information since 2007. Recent results include presentations at Kunstmuseum Celle in 2007 and Hannovers Museum August Kestner in 2008, every MODEPREIS HANNOVER since 2009, NACH NEUEM TRACHTEN at Schloss Bueckeburg and ANGLOMANIACS AND JACKETS at Landesmuseum Hannover 2014! Shakespeares classic plays TWELFTH NIGHT (Bremen 1990) and HAMLET (Bonn 1996), A CLOCKWORK ORANGE from Anthony Burgess (Dresden 1998) and Friedrich Schillers DON CARLOS (Wiesbaden 2004, showing three consecutive seasons) all get the Mahlstedt treatment under Andras Fricsays slick direction. He remixes Frederick Loewes complete score for MY FAIR LADY (Hamburg 2000, directed by Frank Buecheler). In 2005 he produces soundtracks for Friedrich Duerrenmatts THE PHYSICISTS in Berlin (showing four consecutive seasons) and Shakespeares THE TEMPEST in Wiesbaden, again directed by Fricsay. The latest works, Carlo Goldonis TRILOGY OF SUMMER, directed by Thomas Klenk, is showing at Bad Gandersheimer Domfestspiele this summer! Mr. Mahlstedt has relocated to Northern Germany where you will find him working away in his countryside studio.


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