Ulli Brenner

When you hear the name Ulli Brenner you will think on following three points: Dorian Gray HR3 Clubnight and Paramount Park. Ulli Brenners unique DJ career began in 1979. He was already in the early 80s, the predecessor of none other than Sven Väth in Dorian Gray.

From 1982 – 1986 was the end of Ulli party guarantor in the legendary disco airport. With Ulli Brenner is associated in addition to his international hits with La Bouche, Le Click, mode, Ultra, and many more, many unforgettable evenings of HR3 Clubnight, and long and incomparable nights at the Paramount Park.

No other DJ every Saturday drew thousands of fans to the party animals of its time biggest disco in town. Varied, emotional, energetic and full of feeling yet again so is the sound of Ulli Brenner called. Ulli is a DJ who creates it in perfection his audience to put in the best party mood. He is one of Frankfurt’s DJ legends.


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