Classic DJ Brands


The 90s did not only consist of Eurodance … they were also the beginning of one of the biggest music movements of the last decades. Techno and trance suddenly came into the mainstream.
Own radio stations and legendary clubs have specialized in this. Who from this time does not remember his flares, neon glow sticks and the 12inch plateau treads!
Ravers from all over the world came together to be a part of „Der Klang Der Familie“ under the well-known motto „Love Is The Key“ to celebrate the peaceful atmosphere that we miss today. Wonderful Days – The Classic Rave Festival has breathed new life into every raver´s pants since the beginning of 2019.
„Flashbacks“ of the successful event series take place at regular intervals nationally and internationally. On specially installed stages as a brand or on their own festivals, the demolition is celebrated with the original acts of this cult movement.
DJ legends and pioneers of national and international techno / trance history turn every dancefloor into a timetraveling machine, with tracks you almost forgot. If you are interested in Wonderful Days Festival, please contact us!


Bonzai Records is a Belgian record label from Antwerp, which was instrumental in shaping the rave sound in the 1990s with its Hardhouse and Hardtrance releases. It was founded in 1992 as a sub-label of Lightning Records, a record company, which filed for bankruptcy in March 2003, whereupon former employees in May of the same year founded the company Banshee Worx and Bonzai Records was continued under the name Bonzai Music. The label DJs were represented on almost every major rave in the mid-1990s. In addition to the sale of records, the label also focused on the distribution of T-shirts.
In addition, since 1996, the sublabel Bonzai Classics exists. Other sublabels under the Bonzai Tree: 1994 Bonzai Jumps, Bonzai Trance Progressive 1995, Bonzai Limited 1997, Bonzai Urban 2004 and Bonzai Fiesta 2005. If you are interested in Bonzai, please contact us!


Johan Gielen is universally recognized as a pioneer and legend of the Trance scene. His clubnight & festival concept „Trance Classics“, launched in 2017, has made its mark in the dance music industry already and is constantly growing.
With a stage hosted at NATURE ONE „THE TWENTY FIVE”, Johan Gielen will breathe life back into the world of „Trance Classics“ and the crowd can expect an incredible lineup, stacked with guest performances from the heavyweights of Trance music.

TRASH ISLAND – Die vielleicht beste schlechte Party in Köln!

It started in 2005 with the first 90s party in Cologne and a questionable collection of dusty Bravo hit CDs from teenage years … On Trash Island, you’ll find gaudy party folk, a black-light area like the 80s, a dodgy 90s-to-date music and video collection, a Nintendo Gamers lounge, and a unique opportunity to beat your friends or the tour team : In the inflatable gladiator ring! But you can also relax: A Nintendo Gamers Lounge is not just there for the nerds.
You’ll also get the unique opportunity to beat you with your friends or the event team: In the Inflatable Gladiator Ring! On Trash Island you’ll meet garish party folk, a black-light dancefloor like the best 80s era on which the best mainstream DJs of the day City very doubtful: Eurodance, 80s, 90s, 2000s, Pop, Hip Hop, Rave, and worse rule here! If you are interested in Trash Island, please contact us!