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Schwarze Puppen aka Junk Project / Russenmafia
…started producing music in the early 1990s. He founded his first own music label at the age of 16.
He later released on a variety of other music labels such as UPB, Drizzly, Construct Rhythm, Overdose, Superstar Records, Kontor and Universal Records. With over 300 releases and countless projects in the field of techno, trance, hardstyle, dance etc. etc. Andreas is a big piece of history in the field of electronic music. Schwarze Puppen a hit with the voice of Klaus Kinski, who reached 49th place in the german single charts, as well as the follow-up single „Tanz!“ With the voice of Nina Hagen were very successful productions that were celebrated worldwide.
But also projects like Russenmafia, S.O.D, Aquaplex, Junk Projekt are successful projects that caused a sensation worldwide. Andreas works as a producer and DJ and a large number of his titles regularly dominate the top 10 sales of the download portals and vinyl sales. He is part of the scene for over 25 years now and the story continue.
Be it with a Classic Set on Nature One as the main act in the Classic Terminal, or with a techno set of today also on Nature One in Century Circus with the Kraemer & Niereich project. He played Also at festivals like: Awakenings, Monegros, Nature One, Syndicate, Q-Base, Love Parade Berlin, Love Base, Street Parade, Goliath (CH), Ground Zero, I Love Techno and much more. he has toured around the world and has performed in Australia, America, Canada and all of Europe till today.
In 2019, the release with Talla2xlc & Junk Project Eternia achieved 350,000 Spotify streams The follow-up release with Talla2xlc under the name Omnia, which was released in December 2019, was also in great demand.
Due to the versatility of his skills as a producer, he has already recorded remixes and club mixes for major acts such as Katy Perry, Abba, Vangelis , Loona and many more in his discography. At the end of 2018, the electronic music scene experienced a major revival of the 90s classics. This also brought great response and demand again from his past hits. In the current Fazemag, Junk Project was presented with a 25 year special over 3 pages including the front page.
In 2019 Andreas brought Dj SLT on board. The two complement each other and SLT was also active in the 90s and is therefore also very familiar with the scene. The trance and classic projects Junk Project and Schwarze Puppen are also still successful and can be found in the playlists of artists such as Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyke, Talla2xlc, Miss Djax, Nina Kraviz, Amelie Lens etc. and on the most big classic events and Trance festivals.