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After leaving the UK in the mid eighties and setting up home in Germany Shaun Baker began his DJ career first as a regular resident DJ playing all over Germany.
His time as a popular resident DJ found Shaun playing in clubs and large Discothèques, playing a very wide variety of styles, from R&B to House, Techno, Trance, Electro, commercial and clubby.
Shaun also did some Radio work, and even presented a Music TV Show called Club Inferno, proving that Shaun is a true all- rounder, not just a DJ but also an entertainer.

It was not long before Shaun started to play gigs outside of Germany, the first foreign gigs being in Majorca, Ibiza, Poland, Austria and even Thailand.
Later Shaun finds himself playing all over the World, Japan, Taiwan and all over Europe, East and West.

The mid nighties and Shaun turns his hand to producing Music with friends, also writing and performing some vocal parts, but not just for his own productions but also for other people, for example Dumonde, Marc Van Linden, Darius & Finlay, Disco Boys, to name but a few.
After some success in various European Dance Charts, the producing part of Shaun’s DJ career started to gain more momentum

Beginning of 2000 and EXPLODE is born.
This monster track produced together with Julio Bonito and his partner Claudio Macalvo under the project name Jordan & Baker opened a lot of new opportunities, and was Shaun’s first visit in the sales charts.
Explode has been mashed, bootlegged, remixed many times over the years and has advanced to a true classic ANTHEM.
An evergreen which is played regularly by many global players such as Armin van Buuren, Klubbheads, W&W at major Dance festivals around the World.
Explode is also often played at major Sport Events, like international football games, e.g.Holland vs. England Wembley
It is safe to say that every Dance festival goer or Clubber has heard EXPLODE either at a Club or Dance Event.

2005 finds Shaun teaming up with Sebastian Wolter & Olav Bel Goe. The first production „Xplode 2“ resulted in breaking all German dance chart records by reaching #1 in EVERY German dance chart at the same time making Xplode 2 the German dance chart hit of 2005.
Xplode 2 also entered the German sales charts and stayed there for 9 weeks.
2006 Olav decided to leave the team to concentrate on other projects. Shaun & Sebastian produced the follow up to Xplode 2
: „Push/Deep“ , which also made big waves in the dance community and once again landed the top positions in the dance charts and entered the German sales charts. The next step Shaun & Sebastian took was to take the Baker sound to a new level with the 3rd single from the new team: a house cover of the classic Laid Back track „Bakerman“ .
Laid Back were so impressed with Shaun & Sebastian’s version that they invited them to Copenhagen to their Laid Back Studio, they also gave Shaun & Sebastian permission to use the original video, which back in1989 helped Bakerman to become an international hit.
After reaching the peak positions in various European dance charts Bakerman also entered the single sales charts. In Germany, Austria, Switzerland and various other countries Bakerman reached high sales chart positions. In Germany it entered the top 40 and stayed 10 weeks in the sales charts.

The summer of 2007 saw Shaun & Sebastian founding their very own record label called UPTUNES. The first release on UPTUNES was the new Shaun Baker single „Power“ which after only one week of being released landed in the vinyl sales charts at #1. The first vinyls being sold out within one week without any DJ/Club promotion.
One month later „Power“ cracked the No.1 position in the German DJ Charts.

The success story continued with the single „V.I.P“ , which was not only a great success in Germany but became a BIG radio hit in Eastern Europe and reached #1in the Radio charts in Poland and Czech Republic. The follow up single „Hey Hi Hello“ won the highly acclaimed music award Sopot Hit Festival in Poland and enjoyed a very long stay in the Polish radio charts, altogether „Hey Hi Hello“ spent 6 weeks at No.1. One month later this success was repeated in the Czech Republic.

„Give“ featuring once again Vocals from Maloy, not only did this single yet again hit the peak positions in Poland & Czech Republic giving Shaun 3 #1 Hits in a relatively short time span in the above mentioned countries, this time Russia discovered the “Baker” sound and „Give“ hit the #1 Radio Charts in Moscow. In the same year that Give was released in Poland & Czech Republic the album entitled “1” was released and promptly achieved gold status.

Summer 2010 sees Shaun join forces with Darius & Finlay to recreate a whole new vibe to the classic track “Explode”.
This time alongside the English version “Show Me 10 (Explode
3) featuring the vocal talents of “Mr Pump It Up” Danzel, a German MC version entitled “Zeigt Mir 10” is released for the German Market. “Show Me 10” was licensed out all over the World for example UK, USA, Scandinavia, etc.
“Zeigt Mir 10” entered the Austrian and German top 40 sales Charts.

2011 and Shaun leaves Uptunes and sets up his own independent Music Label called Fave Rec.
Around the same time Shaun teams up with Jessica Jean, writing songs together, touring together, Baker & Jean have been making some big waves, especially in Poland where they are regular performers at big TV Music Shows and Festivals.

2020 Shaun Baker feat. Jessica Jean “Run Away” featuring a hit mix from Klaas is released and hits very high positions in various Dance Charts. The video has over 5,6 million views, Run away also enjoyed heavy radio rotation in Poland.
End of 2021 Shaun releases “Knockin”, once again employing the remix talents of Klaas.
Spring 2021 sees the 3rd Album release from Shaun.
The Album BAKERAMA released not only digitally but also in CD format.

And the story continues.