AYLA are soulful trance sounds and catchy melodies that also work far away from any dancefloor. But who is Ayla and knows the dancefloors very well: Ingo Kunzi, also known as DJ Tandu, who was one of the most successful DJs in the german trance scene.
As a member of the “Intrance feat. D-Sign” group, he had already entered the German single sales charts with the title “Te Quierro” in 1993, to number 16, at a time when electronic music was not yet ubiquitous.
Many appearances with the formation in various clubs all over Germany as well as many appearances at parties of various youth magazines (Bravo, Popcorn etc.) followed.

The first solo production “Acido E.P.” was released a year later by Noom and became an absolute club hit status, one of the best-selling Noom records and is now considered one of the most important classics of the time.
From 1994 onwards, DJ Tandu worked as a resident DJ in various clubs. Kiwi in Pforzheim, Jailhouse Achern, Nexus6 Schorndorf were the first stops.
The Ayla project was launched in 1995 and was able to establish itself in the clubs in 1996 with the first single Ayla and the associated diving remix.
All dance and DJ charts are taken by storm and the track can take a top position.

From 1996 the legendary reactor in Bühl (Baden) was the new home of Ingo Kunzi. Until 2001, the techno and trance community celebrated weekend after weekend. Many bookings at home and abroad followed.
This resulted in numerous appearances in the USA (e.g. Miami, New York, Washington, Chicago, …). Other stops were Panama, Venezuela, Dubai and also numerous bookings in other European countries (Space Ibiza, Privilege Ibiza, France, Scandinavia, Poland, Switzerland).

At the beginning of 1997 the entry into the Top 40 of the German single sales charts with the title Ayla – Part II, which Tandu had produced in cooperation with the successful duo DJ Taucher and Torsten Stenzel, was successful.
In the same year, the third Ayla album Liebe was released, a remake of the classic of the same name by Cosmic Baby, which first placed at number 1 on the German dance charts and finally also in the top 40 of the single charts.
And the success story continues: the first single Ayla is released with new mixes by Tandu and Veracocha in Great Britain on the label Positiva (EMI) and goes straight to position 22 of the UK single charts.
This led to some appearances in England and Scotland.

The new production Angelfalls is released in November 1998 and has been in the top 3 of the German Dance Charts for 3 weeks. The accompanying video clip is filmed at the Brazilian Iguacu waterfalls and impresses with its uniqueness.
The single is finally placed in the top 60 of the single charts.
In January 2000 the debut album Nirwana was finally released in Germany, which had already achieved gold status in Norway and Singapore.

Ingo started working with Safri-Duo at the end of 2000, only as a remixer of the first worldwide successful single by Safri Duo played-a-live.
In 2001 he joined the production team as a co-producer. After all, he is instrumental in the production of the successful EPISODE II album (Germany Gold, Denmark double platinum, UK # 4) and the final production and the mix are made in his studio over a period of weeks. In 2002 followed the single sweet freedom (Denmark Top 5, UK).
But that’s not all for 2002, the absolute highlight will follow. The Safri Duo producer team consisting of Michael Parsberg and his partners Jakob Stravnsup and Ingo receives a remix request from pop and Latino queen SHAKIRA. For example, they produce various remixes of the hit single underneath your clothes under the synonym Fairlite, which have so far only been published in England and the USA. UK producer and DJ Darren Tate also approaches Ingo with his hugely successful UK project Orion. Finally, in 2002 the single eternity of the joint project Orion vs. Ayla released in cooperation between Kontor and Unsubmissive Records.
In 2002 Safri Duo was awarded the Echo for best dance act internationally.

Ingo’s AYLA project in 2003 builds on all of these successes. The single sun is coming out runs up and down on English radio stations and enjoys the best feedback from all over Europe and the USA. She is chatting at number 57 in Germany. The single “LIEBE.03” is a remake of the Cosmic Baby classic and is on the top 15 of all dance charts.
There was also a continuation with Safri Duo in 2003: The production of the second album “Safri Duo 3.0” was produced in the studio of Ingo Kunzi and in Denmark and released in the same year.
In 2010, after a long pause, Ayla released an album with a mixture of unpublished tracks and new mixes of well-known titles. Unreleased secrets have been available on all download portals since then and are considered a special album off the dancefloor.

In 2013 Ingo sat down in the studio with DJ Taucher again. Work was started on an album that came onto the market in 2018 after a long production phase as “Taucher & Tandu – Faces”. Torsten Stenzel is also involved in some tracks on this album with his York project. A pre-release single was released on Kontor in 2015 under “Ayla, Taucher & York – Free yourself”.
Also on Planet Love in 2015 a title of this album was released as “York with Ayla & Taucher – Kings & Queens”.


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