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DJ Hooligan aka Da Hool combines very authentic the most different projects and activities and therefore belongs to the most successful, individual and versatil representatives of his guild/ scene.
His career started in the late 80`s. Techno wasn“t very popular back then and while it was only played in little „No Name Clubs“ in different metropolitan cities, in 1989 DJ Hooligan started the offensive from the „Ruhrpott“.

At the time, DJ Hooligan belonged to one of the first DJ“s who brought Techno out of the Techno underground scene into the clubs and was therefore responsible for the hype that revolutioned the music in the 90`s.
1991 his first production was sent as a demo to „No Respect Rec.“ and the Track „Harder And Harder“ was played in all good scene clubs between Berlin and Frankfurt.
As the Techno scene became bigger and bigger DJ Hooligan published a gag hymn about his hometown on the B-Side of his 3rd single.
„B.O.T.T.R.O.P.“ crashed in like a bomb in the clubs and on raves, especially fans of the dutch Techno scene were celebrating DJ Hooligan as the hero of the underground.

All of a sudden, events like „MAYDAY“ were possible and 20.000 people were celebrating like mad as soon as DJ Hooligan was standing by the turntables.
The music industry realized the signs of time and so DJ Hooligan signed in with „Eastwest Records“ in 1994. His single „Rave Nation“ shot in the Top 20 Charts and first videos and Co-Moderations with MTV and Viva were in his daily plan. In 1995 DJ Hooligan was nominated for the „Comet“. What was unthinkable in the beginning was then becoming reality: DJ Hooligan belongs to the german DJ-Elite and people are partying with him, like we were used to it from famous rockstars.
From now on he was doing gigs all over Germany and the surrounding foreign countries.
For example, he made the „Poison-Club“ in Düsseldorf to one of the most popular clubs in Germany and is a well seen guest at all the big raves.

Being a unique and versatily artist, who doesn“t only want to be restricted to the Majors and the Mainstream, he published further innovative underground productions, among other things with the legendary labels „Music Man“ and „R + S“ in Belgium.
In 1996 Hooligan eventually set up „Hool Productions“ because a B-Side of one of his records was quite important for his career, he established „B-Sides“, the label of „Hool Productions“, with which he then could release and support artists from the scene. This way DJ Hooligan avoided the complicated way over the music industry and was able to bring his productions straight into the clubs. Famous artists, like for example Timo Maas and the „progressive big star“ Oliver Klein published their productions with the legendary label „B-Sides“.

1996 was also the year, where DJ Hooligan put in his 4th single „Meet Her At The Love Parade“ by the Major. But they thought the song wouldn“t fit in their concept. Where others would probably have given up, DJ Hooligan stuck to his material and produced „Meet Her At The Love Parade“ under the pseudonym of „Da Hool“ with „B-Sides“.

That song was floating about in the clubs for a few month, until it eventually ended up with the legendary label „Kosmo Rec“. In 1997, DJ Hooligan, with the pseudonym of „Da Hool“, signed in with „Kosmo Rec“ and „Meet Her At The Love Parade“ was then produced.
The song developed from a underground club hymn to an international world wide hit. „Meet Her At The Love Parade“ shot into the german charts straight on to number 13 and was soon high up in the charts. But not only in Germany the song was a hit: „Meet Her At The Love Parade“ was also going straight into the international charts.

With that song, DJ Hooligan developed international renomme and went on tour on all five continents to all the best clubs. From now on, he was not only a star in Germany, but also a well known DJ in the whole world.
With all that popularity about his person, it was always important for DJ Hooligan to stay with both feed on the ground. Besides from big gigs in the whole world, he would still also come to smaller clubs for not to loose contact to the scene.
Still, he didn´t want to be reduced to the hard and progressive Techno sound of DJ Hooligan and Da Hool. That“s why in 2002 he started the project „Hool pres. Ninfea“ in which he only played House music.
His „Da Hool“ Remix of the House-Hit „The Funk Phenomena“ was the number one in the german charts for weeks in 2003. Got then into the Media-Control-Charts and was the most played track in the UK.
Under the pseudonym of „Hool pres. Ninfea“ he also remixed Sam La More´s Hit in the UK „Taking Hold“ in 2003.

As a sign for his international standing, he got a very special honour: As, up to now one and only german artist, he was allowed to release under the pseudonym of „Hool pres. Freakstylaz“ the tribal-track „Sip by Sip“ at the New Yorker No. 1 Houselabel „Subliminal/ Sondos“.

The key for his continuing success can only be regarded to his versatility. After the techno and rave hype started to calm down a bit in the late 90, he would still go his own way, without getting to much influence from the mainstream. A lot of heroes from the old days have disappeared and only a few are gradually successful. Without a doubt, DJ Hooligan counts to the last ones, who will, because of his most different activities and creativity continue to attract attention in the future.