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It started with a “Smile”: German producers Ramon Zenker and Gottfried Engels founded Paffendorf in 1998 and released their first single “Smile”. This marks the birth of one of Germany’s most successful Dance-projects. Paffendorf delivered two longplayers and several hit singles in the following years which entered the German sales charts. Especially “Where Are You” has been honored with a top-ten position in the national sales charts. “Be Cool” even reached the no. 7 spot in UK. Powerful songs like “Crazy Sexy Marveloous”, “Lalala Girl” or “Everybody Scream” managed to build up a strong fanbase which is still faithful to the project and performing Paffendorf-DJ Chris.

Remembering and honoring Gottfried Engels, who sadly passed away in 2015, Ramon teamed up with Jens Ophaelders (The Real Booty Babes / Jompsta Records) and Chris Schmitz (who present the act also as a DJ Paffendorf) to return Paffendorf to the scene with new, strong versions of their classic hits like  s well as amazing new material like

„It´s Going Down“, „Put A Smile On Your Face“ or „Rave Hard“ together with another well known act from the 90s/2000s: Brooklyn Bounce!  Paffendorf is back on track.