Ulli Brenner

Music Producer / Performance
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Origin - Germany

Booking - Worldwide

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In 1980 he moved to the Frankfurt club Vogue, later
internationally known as Omen as the birthplace of techno. From 1982, Brenner
succeeded Michael Münzing as resident DJ at Dorian Gray at Frankfurt Airport,
until Sven Väth replaced him in 1987. 1993 to 1998 he announced in the
Paramount Park in Roedermark near Frankfurt am Main.


From 1994 Ulli Brenner was part of the resident
team at the Hessischer Rundfunk Club Nights, the most renowned techno/trance
radio show in Germany, together with Sven Väth, Mark Spoon, Talla 2XLC and DJ


He has been producing DJ mix records since 1984 and
has been awarded gold records. Together with Amir Saraf, Ulli Brenner produced
the 1994 project La Bouche with Melanie Thornton. The production becomes one of
the most successful in Europe (number one in Germany and number five in the
USA); he is awarded seven platinum and eleven gold records. He produces a
variety of titles under his own label Edition Beam/Warner Chappel Music.